Genus Endertia

Author: Van Steenis & De Wit

Morphological description (Endertia spectab compl 431603 )
Trees .

Leaves spiral, paripinnate, 2--4-jugate. Stipules small, axillary, caducous. Leaflets opposite or subopposite, petiolulate.

Inflorescences axillary or terminal, solitary or mostly in fascicles, paniculate; bracts and bracteoles small, deciduous or persistent.

Flowers bisexual, pedicelled, zygomorphic, articulated at the base, easily falling off. Hypanthium infundibuliform. Calyx lobes 4, imbricate. Petals 2 developed, lateral, clawed at the base, and with 1 or 2, minute, reduced ones (at abaxial side). Stamens 2 fertile, opposite the developed petals; filaments filiform, dilated at basal parts and united with the staminodes to form an unequal, very short, incomplete ring (which is sometimes 1--3-tipped or toothed and with 1 or 2 minute staminodes in the gap between the two ends of the ring); anthers oblong, longitudinally splitting. Ovary with an almost free stipe (or only the basal part united with the floral tube), oblong, flat, 2--5-ovuled; style filiform, recurvate; stigma capitellate.

Pods hatchet-shaped, woody, 2-valved, the valves finally coiling into a closed spiral.

Seeds flat, disc-shaped.

Monotypic. Malesia : Borneo (Kalimantan).

In lowland forest.