Tribus Caesalpinieae

Authors: Pollhill & Vidal

Stipules lateral or absent. Leaves are generally compound or, if consisting of a sole foliole, then pinnately veined. Hypanthium most often tubular or cupular. Bracteoles small or absent.

The following Malesian genera belong here:
Genus Acrocarpus (1 species), Genus Caesalpinia (22 species), Genus Gleditsia (1 species), Genus Peltophorum (3 species), Genus Pterolobium (5 species), Genus Sympetalandra (5 species), and the introduced Genus Delonix (1 species), Genus Haematoxylum (1 species), Genus Parkinsonia (1 species) and Genus Schizolobium (1 species).