Bauhinia pottsii

Author: G.Don

For typification of the 5 varieties see Larsen & Larsen (1979); only 4 of these occur in Malesia.

Key to the varieties
1a.   Petals white, the posterior with a yellow patch; upper leaf-surface velvety; ovary patently hairy    (pottsii subs Bauh fl 386542 ).
........................ Bauhinia pottsii subsessilis
1b.   Petals yellow and orange to red (pottsii moll Bauh lf/fl 139507 )............... 2.
2a.   Upper leaf-surface puberulous, hairs reddish-brown; buds reddish-brown; ovary hirsute; petals lanceolate, tapering towards the short claw.
........................... Bauhinia pottsii pottsii
2b.   Upper leaf-surface velvety, greyish-green; buds greyish or light brown; ovary appressed pubescent, three posterior petals spathulate with claw longer than or equal to lamina    (pottsii moll Bauh lf/fl 139507 )................ 3.
3a.   Buds clavate with 5 longitudinal ridges, apex crested (pottsii Bauh buds FT1 ).
....................... Bauhinia pottsii velutina.
3b.   Buds terete, tapering towards the acute apex.
...................... Bauhinia pottsii mollissima.
Bauhinia potsii G. Don var. pottsii (Bauhinia pottsii pottsii )

Morphological description (see also description of Genus Bauhinia and Subgenus Bauhinia )
Shrub often semiscandent, without tendrils. Young branches pubescent, later glabrous.

Leaves: stipules minute, narrow, acute, early caducous; intrastipular trichomes well-developed; petiole 3-4 cm, pubescent; lamina ovate to rotundate, 9-14 by 10-15 cm, 11-15-nerved; bifid 1/3(-1/2) with broad sinus; tip of lobes rounded, base cordate; upper surface brownish puberulous to glabrescent; lower surface rusty pubescent particularly on the nerves(potssii Bauh Reinw f3 ).

Inflorescence: lateral and terminal racemes up to 10 cm long, axis brownish-pubescent; pedicels 1-1.5 cm; bracts triangular, 3-5 mm, brownish tomentose; bracteoles similar, inserted about the middle of the pedicel.

Flowers: Buds 3-4 cm long, elongate, reddish-brown velvety. Hypanthium tubular, as long as bud. Calyx splitting in 2-5 reflexed segments. Petals red with yellow centre, lanceolate, 4-6 cm long, with claw shorter than blade; the posterior broader than the lateral. Stamens 3 fertile; filaments glabrous, 3-4.5 cm; anthers linear, 10-12 mm, opening by a longitudinal slit; staminodes few (usually 2), minute, subulate. Ovary reddish brown hirsute, 1-1.5 cm with a 1-2 cm long hirsute stipe; style 2-3 cm, hirsute; stigma peltate (pottsii Bauh ovaries fl FT1 ).

Pods dehiscent, velvety with raised dorsal suture, strap-shaped, broadest toward the acuminate, beaked apex.

Seeds 4-6, flattened, orbicular, 1-1.5 cm diameter.

S Burma, S Thailand; Malesia: Malay Peninsula, Borneo, Java.

Along margin of forests at lower altitudes, also along rivers, ditches and in swampy places.

Vernacular names
Sebari (Java); Aroy Kikupo Kupo, Aroy tjendali (Sund.); Somite, Sobheuri (Kangean); Bardjen (Bali); Sajap lajan Kelokop (Borneo: Kutai-Dyak).

Bauhinia pottsii G. Don var. mollissima (Wall. ex Prain) Larsen & Larsen (Bauhinia pottsii mollissima )

Deviates from var. pottsii in the greyish-green upper leaf -surface, velvety, sometimes with a 'mouldy' look; the greyish to light brown buds; the appressed pubescent ovary; the three posterior petals are spathulate with claw longer than or equal to the lamina. The 'mouldy' look is apparently due to some scaly excretions or glands (pottsii moll Bauh lf/fl 139507).

Restricted to the west coast of the Malay Peninsula from Ranong (Thailand) southwards to Malacca and with occurrence on adjacent Sumatra. One collection from Northern Burma may be due to mixing of labels.

As var. pottsii.

Bauhinia pottsii G. Don var. subsessilis (Craib) de Wit (Bauhinia pottsii subsessilis )

This variety deviates from the other varieties in being white-flowered (pottsii subs Bauh fl 386542 ,pottsii subs Bauh infl 386316). Petals lanceolate with short claw, the posterior one with a yellow patch. Easily distinguished from other varieties also by the patently, densely hairy ovary. Pods nearly glabrous, dorsal suture not raised. The leaves have a rusty velvety upper surface.

S Cambodia, S & SE Thailand; Malesia: one locality in Peninsular Malaysia (Perlis).

As var. pottsii .

Bauhinia pottsii G. Don var. velutina (Wall. ex Benth.) Larsen & Larsen (Bauhinia pottsii velutina )

Resembling var. mollissima, the upper leaf surface is also velvety, and very often with the characteristic 'mouldy' look; but it deviates by the lower surfaces which are greyish pubescent, and the clavate buds with 5 longitudinal ridges and crested apex (pottsii velut Bauh det fl FT1).

S Burma, Peninsular Thailand. It may occur in the northern part of W Malaysia.

As var. pottsii .