Maniltoa polyandra kurzii

Maniltoa polyandra (Roxburgh) Harms var. kurzii (Prain) Knaap-van Meeuwen

Leaves as in typical variety.

Pod very rugose even in mature state, 6 by 3-4.5 cm, flat, with a pronounced beak.

Burma; Malesia: Malaya (Penang Island).

1. For the specimens of var. kurzii , Prain (1897: 200, 479) distinctly cited Kurz's collection under Penang and stated that the only fruiting specimen of this variety 'has been obtained .... by Kurz alone'. Knaap-van Meeuwen (1970: 44) chose the type and cited it as 'Kurz s. n., loc. Govt. [as Gort.] Hill, Apl. 1890 (lectotype in CAL, no isotypes seen)' and also cited it under the distribution as from Burma. Kurz died in Penang in 1878 [cf. Fl. Males. I, 1, (1950) 305a]. The data on the locality and date as quoted above belong to a collection made by Curtis.