Cassia javanica bartonii

Cassia javanica Linnaeus subsp. bartonii (Bailey) K. Larsen

Description (see also Cassia javanica )
Similar to subsp. renigera (see below).
Stipules only half as broad (1 cm across) and the petals gradually narrowed towards the base, 15-18 mm long; ovary glabrous. The pods are only 1-1.5 cm in diameter and seem not to surpass 35 cm in length.

New Guinea (C and E); by Verdcourt (1979: 40) also reported from Bougainville Island and perhaps from Guadalcanal Island.

Occurring up to 1000 m altitude.

The petals are pink or pinkish white. De Wit (1956: 206) stated that when better material becomes available, Cassia bartonii (C. javanica subsp. bartonii) might prove to be identical with C. renigera (= C. javanica subsp. renigera ) .