Bauhinia wrayi cancellata

Bauhinia wrayi Prain var. cancellata (Ridley) K. & S. S. Larsen

Morphological description
This variety and var. rubella are morphologically rather close in having the pedicels and buds glabrous or nearly so. They differ, however, conspicuously in leaf shape. Var. cancellata, a mountain endemic, has ovate leaves which on the same shoot can vary from entire to bifid 1/3 - 1/2, tip of lobes obtuse to acute, with 5-7 nerves, while var. rubella has leaves broader than long, ± subreniform, divided less than 1/2, with tip of lobes obtuse, and with 9 nerves.

Malesia: Malay Peninsula (Negri Sembilan), only known from the type locality.

Mountain forest, 800-900 m altitude.