Bauhinia pottsii mollissima

Bauhinia pottsii G. Don var. mollissima (Wall. ex Prain) Larsen & Larsen

pottsii moll Bauh lf/fl 139507
Deviates from var. pottsii in the greyish-green upper leaf -surface, velvety, sometimes with a 'mouldy' look; the greyish to light brown buds; the appressed pubescent ovary ; the three posterior petals are spathulate with claw longer than or equal to the lamina. The 'mouldy' look is apparently due to some scaly excretions or glands.

Restricted to the west coast of the Malay Peninsula from Ranong (Thailand) southwards to Malacca and with occurrence on adjacent Sumatra. One collection from Northern Burma may be due to mixing of labels.

As var. pottsii.