Bauhinia finslaysoniana montana

Bauhinia finlaysoniana (Grah. ex Benth.) Baker var. montana (de Wit) K. & S. S. Larsen

Morphological description
This variety is close to var. leptopus, but has rather large leaves, cordate to ovate, up to 13 by 8 cm, with 5-7 nerves. The indumentum is greyish to light brown. Inflorescence smaller. Flowers small, white or cream-coloured, on short, slender pedicels, c. 15-25 mm. Hypanthium narrow, faintly striate. Petals narrowly obovate with the blade tapering towards the short claw.

Malesia: Celebes, Moluccas (Ambon, Bacan, Buru, Ceram, Obi).

It seems to be found at a higher altitude than var. leptopus and var. finlaysoniana: (100-)500-1000 m.