Bauhinia finslaysoniana finslaysoniana

Bauhinia finlaysoniana (Grah. ex Benth.) Baker in Hook. f. var. finlaysoniana

Morphological description (finsl var fin Bauh ov Reinw f25 ;finsl var fin Bauh Reinw f26 )
The typical variety has ovate to ovate-oblong, 5-nerved leaves . Inflorescence rusty pubescent, partial inflorescences narrow racemes; pedicels 1.5-3 cm. Hypanthium coarse, striate, tubular, usually somewhat dilated at base, 4-7 by 2-3 mm. Flowers creamy to yellowish. Petals suborbicular, c. 15 mm, distinctly and abruptly narrowed towards the c. 4 mm long claw. Filaments 7-10 mm, thicker towards the base; the bundle of staminodes usualy curving towards the ovary.

Malesia: Malay Peninsula, Java.

Evergreen forests, up to 600 m altitude.

All material Larsen & Larsen (1996: 515) have seen has notes indicating the colour of the petals as yellowish-white; de Wit, (1956: 509), quotes a note by Backer (not seen by Larsen & Larsen) in which he describes the flower as yellow turning red.