Bauhinia excelsa aurora

Bauhinia excelsa (Bl. ex Miq.) Prain var. aurora (de Wit) K. & S. S. Larsen

Morphological description excelsa Bauhinia lf+bud FM6
Similar to var. excelsa but with petioles longer, tardily glabrescent; leaves larger, lamina 8--16 cm across, 11--13-nerved, tip of lobes acute to subacute; lower surface pubescent.

Flowers Bracts carinate, 3--4 mm; bracteoles very small. Buds ovoid, abruptly narrowed towards the hypanthium which is tubular, short, 5--7 mm long, smooth; sepals c. 2.5 cm long; petals c. 3 cm long with a 5--7 mm long claw; filaments 2.5--3 cm; staminodes c. 5 mm.

Pods unknown.

Malesia: endemic to N Borneo and probably restricted to Mt Kinabalu and surrounding mountains.

Montane, found between 1300 and 1500 m.