Bauhinia bidentata fraseri

Bauhinia bidentata Jack var. fraseri (de Wit) K. & S. S. Larsen

Morphological description
Leaves entire (bident v. fraseri Bauh Reinwf20 ), ovate-elliptic with truncate to cordate base, apex acute to acuminate, rather small, mostly 4-6 cm long, 3.5-5 cm broad, rarely longer; leaf undersides ferrugineous pubescent. Bracts and bracteoles longer than in the other varieties, 7-10 mm and 3-5 mm respectively; pedicels shorter giving the whole inflorescence a more condensed look. Hypanthium 5-10 mm. The indumentum of the floral parts is densely ferrugineous and the buds usually with two ribs on each sepal; on the young bud this character is, however, not always as clear as it seems from de Wit's description.

Malesia: Malay Peninsula (Cameron Highlands, Mt Mengkuang and Perak, Mt Kebau, Fraser's Hill, and probably other high mountains in the area).

Mountain species found usually above 1000 m.