Bauhinia bidentata bidentata

Bauhinia bidentata Jack var. bidentata

Morphological description
Leaves ovate-orbicular, usually shallowly bifid to l/5 bifid, 7-9-nerved (bident v. bident Bauh Reinwf20 ).
Flowers: buds hairy. Petals distinctly short-clawed, claw c. l-2 mm. Hypanthium 10-20 mm. Ovary and stipe hairy all over, hairs often appressed. Stamens with the filaments hairy and with less swollen base than var. gracilipes, often subulate, 3-5 mm.

Malesia: Malay Peninsula (Penang I., where it seems to be common, and one collection from Perak). There is a collection from the Nicobar Islands in C.

Mainly a lowland species.

Vernacular names
Akar katup-katup, Dedaok, Sekoyah, Dauh nasi (all Mal. Pen.); Pride of Selangor (English).

1. The type of Bauhinia bidentata is Jack's plant represented by a specimen in E, a part of the protologue is found in Jack's handwriting on this sheath. De Wit (1956: 497), evidently not aware of this, designated a neotype in C, collected in 1822 by Wallich (s. n.) in Penang. As Jack's specimen has been found this has to be accepted as the lectotype or even holotype.
2. For discussion of Phanera bicornuta Miq. see under Bauhinia integrifolia.