Bauhinia ampla schlechteri

Bauhinia ampla Span. var. schlechteri (Harms) K. Larsen & Sunarno

Deviates from var. ampla in becoming a larger tree up to 20-30 m. Leaves ovate to oblong, base shallowly cordate to rounded; nerves 5-7; stipules early caducous. The pedicel is longer, up to 10 mm, and the bracteoles are inserted in the upper part. Hypanthium is 5-7 cm long. Stamens perhaps somewhat shorter; stigma small, capitate.

Malesia: endemic to New Guinea; so far known from two localities only: Albatros Bivak (Irian Jaya) and Madang Province, Papua New Guinea.

Marshy forests or river floodplains in rain forest at low altitudes.