Bauhinia aherniana subglabra

Bauhinia aherniana Perkins var. subglabra (Merr.) K. & S.S. Larsen

Morphological description
Large climber up to 20 m.

Flowers cream coloured turning jade green to yellow green, intensely fragrant.

Deviates from var. aherniana in the glabrous to subglabrous leaves, the externally subglabrous petals, and the glabrous stipe.

Malesia: Borneo (Sabah), Philippines (Palawan).

There are four collections from Palawan, all around Puerto Princesa, one from Mt Pulgar. On the specimen from Sabah (Lahad Datu) the flowers are described as red. This is not observed in any other specimen in this group (i. e. Bauhinia semibifida, B. lingua, B. aherniana). Either it is a mistake or the plant represents an undescribed taxon. Hypanthium and ovary characters are matching var. subglabra well.