Peltophorum racemosum

Author: Merr.

Morphological description
Tree up to 60 m high and 80 cm in diameter, buttresses flat, c. 1 m high, 1 m extending outward, 4 cm thick; young shoots prominently ferruginous-pubescent, unarmed.

Leaves bipinnate, rachis up to c. 20 cm and petiole up to c. 10 cm (racemosum Peltoph hab 139570); pinnae 3-5 pairs, up to c. 10 cm long. Stipules lanceolate to linear, c. 5 mm long, caducous. Leaflets 4-11 pairs per pinna, sessile or subsessile, coriaceous, equilateral or nearly so, oblong, oblong-elliptic, 20-30(-60) by 8-12(-25) mm, broadly rounded and minutely apiculate at the apex, subacute or obtuse at the base; upper surface glabrous except sometimes slightly hairy on the midrib, the lower covered with short, appressed hairs; lateral nerves up to c. 14 per side, visible or distinct on both surfaces.

Inflorescences (racemosum Peltoph fl/lf 139569) axillary, solitary, racemose, up to c. 27 cm long, rachis ferruginous-pubescent; bracts triangular, c. 3 mm long, caducous; pedicels 10-12 mm.

Flower : (racemosum Peltophorum fl 139568)Hypanthium shortly discoid, c. 5 mm in diameter. Calyx densely ferruginous-pubescent outside, lobes oblong, 7-10 by 4-5 mm, inside the lower half pubescent. Petals suborbiculate, subreniform, or broadly obovate, 12-16 mm long and wide, much wrinkled, pubescent at the lower half outside and at the basal part inside, rounded and erose at the apex and margins, the basal 2-3 mm narrowed and claw-like, with distinct, palmate venation. Stamens : filaments 7-10 mm; anthers versatile, oblong, 4-4.5 mm long. Ovary sessile, elliptic or lanceolate, 4-6 mm long, densely pubescent, 4-ovuled; style 5-8 mm glabrous except the basal part; stigma peltate.

Pods (racemosum Peltoph pod TFSS 10 ) elliptic, narrow-elliptic, or obovate-elliptic, flat, 12-15.5(-19) by 3-4 cm (incl. the marginal, c. 5 mm wide wing), acuminate at the apex, attenuate towards the base, loosely pubescent, glabrescent, or almost glabrous.

Seeds elliptic, flat, c. 2 by 1 cm, longitudinally positioned in the pod.

Malesia : Borneo (scattered and widespread in Sabah, Sarawak, Kalimantan).

Habitat & Ecology
In lowland primary forests. Fl. April, June; fr. February-October