Maniltoa lenticellata

Author: C.T. White

Morphological description
Tree 7.5-42 m high, 12.5-60 cm in diameter, sometimes with buttresses, up to 3 m high. Growth flush-wise, flushes developing from large buds. Buds covered by 2-ranked, brown, caducous budscales with lengthwise veins; new leaves developing in bright white or pink tassels (lenticellata Manil flush 139535). Stipules present in the buds, very tender, caducous immediately after the unfolding of the bud, leaving hardly any scar.

Leaves paripinnate, (2-)3-7-jugate; rachis 10-18 cm, petiole 0.5-2 cm, petiolules 0.3-0.7 cm. Leaflets opposite, ovate or obovate, elliptic, or oblong, 5.5-13(-14.5) by 3-5.6(-6.5) cm; apex acuminate, the acumen well-developed, bifid at the tip for 1-3 mm; base asymmetrically cuneate; midrib 8-12(-20) mm from the upper margin; venation above faintly impressed, nerves beneath finely prominent.

Rachis of the inflorescence 3-6 cm, glabrescent; bracts 1.5-5 cm, appressed-hairy; bracteoles 5-8 mm; pedicels 1.4-3 cm (lenticellata Manil infl 139536).

Flowers white-cream. Hypanthium 2.5-4 mm deep. Sepals 1.3-1.5 cm. Petals 1.2-1.8 cm. Disk absent. Stamens connate over 0.2-1 mm at the base; filaments 1.4-2.3 cm; anthers apiculate. Ovary glabrous to densely hairy; stipe (3-)5-10 mm.

Fruits 2.5-4.8 by 1.8-3.6 by 0.7-1.7 cm.

Seeds subreniform, 1.5 by 1 cm.

a. Maniltoa lenticellata C.T. White var. lenticellata (Maniltoa lenticellata lenticellata )

Ovary glabrous or only slightly pubescent.

Australia (Queensland) and Malesia: Papua New Guinea (Madang, Morobe, Gulf, Central and Milne Bay Provinces).

Habitat & Ecology
Open high rain forest, forest edges, up to 1050 m altitude. Flowering in March, July-September, and November; fruiting in March, and December

b. Maniltoa lenticellata C.T. White var. villosa Verdcourt (Maniltoa lenticellata villosa )

Ovary white, enlarging rapidly and turning orange-brown, with dense persistent hairs.

Malesia: Papua New Guinea (Morobe Prov.), only known from the type.

Habitat & Ecology
Rain forest, 1050 m altitude. Flowering in September.

Foliage buds are white, the bracts up to 7 by 6 cm, young leaves bright pink, mature foliage glossy green. Petals, stamens and staminodes white.