Leucostegane latistipulata

Author: (Prain) Prain

Morphological description
Small tree up to 6 m high and c. 4 cm in diameter. Stipules large, often foliaceous, ovate or lanceolate, 12.5-40 by 7.5-20.5 mm, usually slightly unequal, rarely associated with some very small ones.

Leaves paripinnate, (1-3)5(or 6)-jugate (latistipul Leucost lf/pod FM39 ); rachis and petiole 14-22.5 cm, puberulous; petiolules c. 4 mm; stipels very small or wanting. Leaflets rigidly coriaceous, ovate-lanceolate, 10.5-23 by 4-5.5 cm; apex acuminate or caudate; base somewhat obliquely obtuse; glabrous above, pubescent on the midrib beneath and puberulous along the margins; nerves 8-10 per side; veins obscure or invisible on both surfaces.

Inflorescences c. 2 cm long; bracteoles and pedicels puberulous.

Flowers white or flushed violet. Hypanthium 3-4 mm long, puberulous outside. Calyx lobes oblong or elliptic, 5-6 by 2.5 mm, sparsely puberulous outside. Petals small, ovate, 2.5-3 by 1.5-2 mm, membranous and strongly veined, with a very short claw; 1 posterior, minute, rudimentary petal. Stamens 2 fertile, filaments twice as long as calyx lobes in fully opened flowers, united at the basal c. 1 mm; staminodes 2 or 3. Ovary puberulous along the margin, glabrescent or glabrous in the centre.

Pods straight, oblong, 9.5-10 by c. 5 cm, shortly beaked.

Seeds round, flat,, c. 1.5 cm diameter, the margin irregularly curved, finally rugose on one side, rather smooth on the other.

Malesia: Malay Peninsula (Perak, also Rembia Islands)

Habitat & Ecology
Lowland hill forest. Flowering in September; fruiting in Febuari, and December.