Cynometra novoguineensis

Author: Merrill & L.M. Perry

Morphological description
Tree to 19 m tall.

Leaves 1-jugate; petiole 4-6 mm. Leaflets obliquely ovate-oblong, oblong, sometimes lanceolate, more or less falcate, 4-7 by 1-3 cm, glabrous, very inconspicuously veined; apex acuminate, tip emarginate; base obliquely cuneate.

Inflorescences very short, rachis less than 4 mm long, few-flowered; bracts c. 1 mm long, obtuse, striate; pedicels 4-5 mm, glabrous.

Flower: Hypanthium minute. Sepals oblong-lanceolate, 2 mm long. Petals 1 mm long. Stamens 10, c. 2 mm. Ovary very shortly stipitate, glabrous or laxly hairy at the apex; style c. 2 mm, curved, glabrous.

Pod not seen.

Malesia: New Guinea (Irian Jaya: Jayapura).

Swampy area at 50 m altitude

Only known from the type and one additional sterile collection.