Cynometra minutiflora

Author: F. Muell.

Morphological description
Tree or shrub 3-5 m tall.

Leaves 2-jugate; petiole 2 mm, rachis 12 mm, both shortly patent-hairy. Leaflets ovate-oblong or oblong, (1.8-)3.5-4.5 by (0.7-)1.1-1.9 cm, apex acuminate, the acumen acute or spathulate, emarginate and mucronate at the tip; nerves 5 or 7 pairs.

Inflorescence: rachis very short, 2-3 mm long; bracts minute, almost ovate, glabrous; bracteoles unknown, but their scars visible just above the base of the pedicels; pedicels 2 mm, shortly pubescent.

Flower : Hypanthium minute. Sepals 2 by 1.5 mm, slightly hairy. Petals unknown. Stamens 10, 2-4 mm; anthers 0.5 mm. Ovary very shortly stipitate, more or less glabrous; style 2 mm, glabrous.

Fruits 0.8-2.4 by 0.7-1.6 cm, rough and rugose.

Malesia: New Guinea (Irian Jaya: Mt Genofa; Papua New Guinea: Central Prov.).

Forests, 300-900 m altitude.