Cynometra inaequifolia

Author: A. Gray

Morphological description
Tree up to 20 m tall.

Leaves 2-jugate, petiole 6-15 mm, rachis 2.5-5.5 cm. Leaflets coriaceous, ovate or elliptic, ovate-oblong or oblong, (4-)11-20 by (1.8-)4-8 cm, glabrous; apex obtuse, tip sometimes emarginate; nerves (6-)9 or 10 pairs.

Inflorescence : rachis 10-12 mm long, densely pubescent; bracts 4-5 mm long, very densely hairy; bracteoles 1.5-2 mm long, inserted at 0.2-0.75 mm on the pedicel; pedicels 10-17 mm, pubescent.

Flower : Hypanthium c. 1-1.5 mm deep. Sepals 4 mm long, laxly pubescent. Petals 4 mm long. Stamens 6-7 mm; anthers 0.8 mm long. Ovary densely pubescent and with scattered hairs; stipe 1.5 mm; style 4 mm, with a few hairs (inaequifolia Cynom ovary Blum1a ).

Fruits 4-4.5 by 2-2.5 by 0.7 cm, surface rough, but not rugose.

Malesia : Philippines (Luzon, Panay, Negros).

Forests at low and medium altitudes.