Cynometra brachymischa

Author: Harms

Morphological description
Tree or shrub with slender glabrous branchlets.

Leaves 1-jugate, petiole 4-6 mm. Leaflets inequilateral, obliquely lanceolate to oblong-lanceolate, 14-25 by 4-7 cm, glabrous, acuminate at the apex, obliquely obtuse at the base, the midrib nearest the upper margin.

Inflorescences very short, racemose, sessile, few- to many-flowered; bracts broad, obtuse, scarious, striate; pedicels very short.

Flower : Hypanthium hairy. Sepals 5-6 mm long, hairy. Petals lanceolate, unguiculate, acute, membranous, not exserted. Stamens 10. Ovary small, sessile, hirsute; style elongate, filiform, puberulous at the base; stigma minute.

Fruit not seen.

Malesia : Papua New Guinea (Morobe Prov.).

Habitat & Ecology
Mountain forest, 1300 m altitude Fl. June.

According to Verdcourt (1979: 79) this "is an upland species the fruits of which are unknown but presumably like those of Cynometra ramiflora ".