Crudia katikii

Author: Verdcourt.

Morphological description
Tree to 21 m high and 75 cm in diameter.

Leaves 2- or 3-foliolate (katikii Crudia TYPE leaves ), petiole up to 2(-3) cm. Leaflets elliptic-oblong, 6.5-17 by 2.8-8.5 cm, chartaceous; apex narrowly acuminate; base very broadly cuneate; glabrous above, excessively finely puberulous beneath.

Inflorescences racemose, 5-7 cm long, the rachis rather sparsely pubescent; pedicels 5-6 mm.

Flower: Hypanthium c. 2 mm long. Calyx lobes 4.5 by 2.5 mm, finely pubescent outside. Stamens 10, the filaments strongly bent in bud. Ovary 4-ovuled.

Pods (immature) elliptic-oblong, c. 8 by 4 cm, very compressed, finely rugulose, densely pubescent, the stipe c. 5 mm.

Malesia: Papua New Guinea (Madang).

Habitat & Ecology
Lowland rain forest, altitude 30-60 m. Flowering and fruiting in September and October.