Crudia evansii

Author: Ridley.

Morphological description
Slender shrub or tree , or climbing plant (?), glabrous.

Leaves 3- or 4-foliolate, petiole and rachis up to 14 cm long, glabrous; petiolules c. 5 mm long. Leaflets broadly elliptic, 10-20 by 3.5-8 cm, coriaceous, shortly blunt acuminate, base very shortly narrowed; nerves 6-10 per side (evansii Crudia pod/lf FT23).

Inflorescences axillary, racemose, up to c. 5 cm long, the rachis scurfy-velvety, brownish; pedicels very short, 1-2 mm, velvety.

Flower: Calyx lobes c. 4 mm long, velvety. Stamens 10, glabrous. Ovary 6-ovuled.

Pods elliptic, 6-10 by 3.5-4 cm, acute at the apex, unequally rounded at the base, transversally veined, rusty-velvety (evansii Crudia pod/lf FT23 ).

Seeds 1 or 2, reniform, 3-4 by 2-3 cm, brown.

Thailand (Peninsular); in Malesia: Malay Peninsula (Pahang).

Habitat & Ecology
On limestone hill and in rain forest. Fl. June; fr. January, May.

On the field label of the type specimen this was distinctly recorded as 'climbing plant' by the collector J.H.N. Evans.