Caesalpinia solomonensis

Author: Hattink

Morphological description
Liana up 12 m high, with glossy glabrous branchlets. Stipules wanting.

Leaves bipinnate; glabrous; rachis 70–80 cm; pinnae 6 pairs, 15–21 cm long; rachides on the underside often with prickles . Leaflets opposite or subopposite, c. 5 pairs per pinna, petiolulate (1–2 mm), oblong, 7.5–8.5 by 3–3.5 cm; base acute, apex acuminate; nerves prominent.

Flowers not yet known.

Infructescences supra-axillary, serial, racemose, 15–18 cm long, glabrescent; pedicel of the pod 6–10 mm, stipe (above the hypanthium) 7–10 mm. Hypanthium remnant 3–4 mm deep and 8 mm wide.

Pods broadly ellipsoid, 10–12.5 by 7.5–8 cm, base oblique, acute, apex apiculate, smooth and flat, 2-seeded (solomonensis Caes pod Reinw9/4 ).

Seeds suborbicular, 25–30 mm in diameter, flat, brown, wrinkled (solomonensis Caes seed Reinw9/7).

Solomon Islands (New Georgia), so far not yet found in Malesia.

Well-drained secondary forest, at low altitude.