Brownea hybrida

Author: Backer

Morphological description (see also description of Genus Brownea )
Much resembling plants (hybrida Brownea tree 139516 ) of Brownea grandiceps Jacquin except young branches glabrous or subglabrous, variable as regards size (e. g. stipules 7-16.5 cm long; racemes 14-20 cm in diameter during anthesis (hybrida Brownea infl 139515), the peduncle and rachis 3-6 cm) and tinge of petals from crimson to cherry-red.

This hybrid is of unknown origin and uncertain descent. Cultivated in some places in Sumatra, Java, and the Philippines.

Habitat & Ecology
In lower parts of Java, especially in not too dry regions. Flowering and fruiting throughout the year.

Backer (1911: 418) described and validly published this hybrid species of uncertain descent. Later he and Bakhuizen van den Brink f. (1964: 531) stated that "Brownea grandiceps is probably one of the ancestors."