Brownea capitella

Author: Jacquin

Morphological description (see also description of Genus Brownea )
Tree up to 6 m high; young branchlets densely shortly hairy. Stipules 0.3-0.6 cm long.

Leaves usually 2-5-jugate, the petiole and rachis 5-16 cm. Leaflets ovate-oblong, 3.5-15.5 by 1.5-5.5 cm, apex acuminate, base obliquely rounded, or slightly cordate, glabrous on both surfaces.

Inflorescences 7-10 cm in diameter during anthesis, the peduncle and rachis 1-1.5 cm (capitella Brownea infl 256033); bracteoles 1.75-2.25 cm long, densely pubescent; pedicels 5-11 mm.

Flowers: Hypanthium 8-11 mm long. Calyx lobes 1.3-2 cm long. Petals 2.25-4.75 cm long, red. Stamens 4-4.5 cm; filaments united at the lower 15-20 mm. Ovary c. 10 mm long, the style 2-4 cm.

Pods 8-15.5 by 2.5-4 cm, thinly shortly hairy.

Native of Venezuela. Cultivated in Malesia: Malay Peninsula, Java.

Flowering throughout the year, with intervals.