Sectio Phanera

Author: (Lour.) Wunderlin

Morphological description
Leaves entire or bilobed.

Flowers: Hypanthium turbinate to long tubular. Calyx irregularly split into 2-5 lobes; nectariferous disc absent or replaced by a red tubular outgrowth arising from the margin of hypanthium (B. bracteata). Fertile stamens 3, rarely 2 (B. bassacensis); reduced stamens or staminodes large to minute; anthers elliptic to linear, opening by a longitudinal slit.

Pods dehiscent or tardily dehiscent, woody or thin-valved.

Seeds with short funicular aril-lobes.

About 60 species in S and SE Asia.

The following species belonf to the Section Phanera : Bauhinia aherniana, Bauhinia andersonii, Bauhinia audax, Bauhinia bassacensis, Bauhinia corymbosa, Bauhinia crudiantha, Bauhinia endertii, Bauhinia excelsa, Bauhinia excurrens, Bauhinia fabrilis, Bauhinia ferruginea, Bauhinia fulva, Bauhinia glabrifolia, Bauhinia glabristipes, Bauhinia glauca, Bauhinia gracillima, Bauhinia hendersonii, Bauhinia integrifolia, Bauhinia kostermansii, Bauhinia lingua, Bauhinia merrilliana, Bauhinia pachyphylla, Bauhinia pauciflora, Bauhinia praesignis, Bauhinia rahmatii, Bauhinia ridley, Bauhinia semibifida, Bauhinia steenisii, Bauhinia stipularis, and Bauhinia sylvani.