Crudia splendens

Author: De Wit

Morphological description
Stipules free, interpetiolar, foliaceous, auriculate-falcate, glabrous, acute, reticulate, 9 by 5 mm.

Leaves 4- or 5-foliolate; rachis 6-8 cm long. Leaflets coriaceous, obovate-oblong, elliptic-oblong, or ovate-oblong, 10-17 by 5-7 cm; apex subacute to brief, blunt-acuminate; base rounded or obtuse; entirely glabrous; nerves 6 or 7 per side.

Flowers unknown, apparently loosely arranged along a sturdy, glabrous, striate axis exceeding 10 cm in length.

Pods (calyx persistent, glabrous) large, flat, subligneous, 5-ovulate, elliptic to elliptic obovate, up to 15 by 6-7 cm, brown-velvety, veined, with thick, raised sutures, shortly beaked.

Seeds irregularly orbicular, flattened, 4.5 cm across.

Malesia: Kalimantan.

This species is only known from the type, which Ding Hou (1996: 592) had not seen. The specific description given above is based on the original one. The foliaceous, auriculate-falcate, rather large stipules are very characteristic for the present species.