Sectio Austrocercis

Authors: (de Wit) Wunderlin, Larsen & Larsen

Morphological description
Tendrilled lianas .

Leaves entire, emarginate or shortly bifid.

Flowers: Hypanthium cupulate. Calyx bilabiate, upper lobes of 2 fused sepals, later splitting; lower lobe of 3 fused sepals; a digitate fleshy body representing staminodes on adaxial rim of hypanthium; nectariferous disc absent. Fertile stamens 3 anterior; staminodes 2, minute; anthers short, broad, opening by a longitudinal slit.

Pods dehiscent, woody.

Seeds with short, funicular aril-lobes.

1 species in New Guinea: Bauhinia williamsii F.Muell.